Our first major partnership

By Founder and Director, Chris Carrée

6th March 2021

What is the latest news?

We are delighted to announce that Garrison Farm has just signed a sponsorship and strategic partnership agreement with the Raven Delta Group Ltd to support our plans to create ecovillages and sustainable farming projects. 

Why is this significant?

RD Group possess the skill, knowledge, experience and connections to design and deliver the framework for a functioning ecovillage without breaking a sweat. They have a proven track record of providing design, engineering, installation and maintenance services for national and international public, private and third sector clients. RD Group have offered to use their strategic position and resources to provide Garrison Farm a fast track to achieving our ambitions for a network of ecovillages and sustainable farming projects. 

Both Garrison Farm and RD Group are interested in developing circular economy initiatives. Having successfully delivered sustainable development projects with similar organisations, we are optimistic this will give us the advantage we need to develop our ecovillages to a high standard. 

Dave Kieft

Why are the RD Group supporting Garrison Farm?

In addition to their unwavering support for the Armed Forces community, Dave Kieft of RD Group has clearly understood the potential for Garrison Farm CIC to make a difference, both to the lives of veterans and the sustainable living movement.

Garrison Farm CIC and RD Group are developing a circular economy ecosystem together. This means supporting each others interests in sustainability, circular economy working and delivering community value.

Who are the RD Group?

Founded by Dave Kieft and Richard Moriarty, The Raven Delta Group of companies consist of EFT Consult Ltd, RDM Electrical & Mechanical Services and DRS Facilities Management. Providing a vast range of services including design, installation, facilities management, energy monitoring, wellbeing & environment and optimisation/sustainability they are strategically positioned to provide a competitive advantage to Garrison Farm CIC. In particular Garrison Farm CIC are excited to work with EFT Consult Ltd on ecological building designs for our ecovillage, the PAS3003 they are promoting with BSI to support the wellbeing of future generations and on controlled environment agriculture projects.