Garrison Farm

Rooted in Service

A Circular Economy Farm Franchise for UK Veterans


We provide sustainable support for service leavers and veterans transitioning to agriculture and land-based businesses through a nationally recognised, locally focused veteran food brand.


By facilitating veteran-owned hyper local supply chains, we aim to create sustainable careers and community impact. Garrison Farm will provide security cleared veterans and service leavers the opportunity to resettle through our comprehensive training program We will empower veterans to open their own agricultural franchises supplying our nationally recognized, locally focused veteran food brand.

Special Offers

Weekly Specials from your local veteran.

Farm to FrontlIne

Why Choose US?

We are owned and operated by UK veterans, we provide an holistic approach to our farming operaton.

We are not a care farm, we are a farm that cares. We care about our veteran community; we care about our local communities, we care about our environment and we care about our food chain.

We use local veterans in your area to create hyper local supply chains providing fresh UK produce and products. Our brand directly supports the transition of veterans into the world of agriculture and land based business.

As stewards of the land, Our Rooted in Service ethos shows our dedication to our nations homesoil through service and our mission to support veterans on transition from the forces through the world of local food and drink.